Ice Sculptures For All Events – Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate

Ice sculpture is an incarnation of sculpture that utilizes ice as its raw material. Ice sculptures are either abstract or realistic. They can be used for a specific function or can be used entirely for decorative purposes. Ice sculptures are most of the time associated with events that are lavish and special.

Decorations are usually regarded as an important aspect of any event that is special be it a birthday, wedding or company party. They create a good atmosphere and offer a great look for an event. For individuals looking for something out of the ordinary and a bit different, ice sculptures are the way to go. Ice sculptures offer a wonderful addition to any buffet table.

Types of Sculptures

There are four main categories of ice sculptures. They include;

  1. Molded sculptures

These sculptures are usually molded by artists using wax, clay, plaster or paper-Mache.

  1. Cast sculptures

These sculptures are usually modeled and mold is obtained which is later cast into a metal or any other medium to get the final sculpture.

  1. Carved sculptures

These ice sculpture are usually carved out of marbles. An example is Michelangelo’s Pieta

  1. Assembled sculptures

This category of sculptures mainly pulls bits and pieces with some of them being recycled from anywhere and are then textured to a form that the artist may prefer.

Ways the Ice Sculptures can be utilized

  • Birthday ice sculptures

These sculptures are utilized as centerpieces. Since many people love sculptures, they will have something to focus their attention on during the dull part of the celebration. Almost all ice sculptures create a perfect and lovely look at the birthday cake and other buffet items. Ice sculptures that are made into luges can be used to serve drinks at a party. These luges will also keep the drinks cold without much effort and offer some amazing look while serving the drinks.

The choice of birthday sculptures is always unlimited. Most people choose sculptures with numbers. Others can choose to go for the sculptures that have personal photos on them which is perfect for a memorable and symbolic celebration.

  • Wedding ice sculptures

Weddings have become the most common places where ice sculptures are put into use. Using the right technique and tools to shape and write the ice creates a visually attractive and appealing look. Ice sculptures come with some additional decoration and lighting which can be used to reflect the colors used in a wedding reception.

The wedding ice sculptures should be placed in areas where they will catch the attention of most people which is often the reception. It is always advisable to put in places that are higher where they are clearly visible.

It is important to position ice sculptures in a manner that allows them to reflect or see light. When most ice sculptures are made to assimilate a glowing look, they even become more beautiful. The glowing look and the decorations that come with most ice sculpture always creates a touch of class to any event. However, one should make sure that the ice sculptures match the theme and setting of the event for that perfect finishing touch.

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