Ice Sculptures Add Sophistication & Class To Any Corporate Event

When hosting a corporate event there are two ways of going about setting up the room in a fashion that will remind people why they are in attendance. The first route is to grab some crusty old A-board or plastic logo out of storage, wipe it over and stick it in the corner of the hospitality lounge. Sure that'll remind people why they're there, but it's not exactly going to portray an image of success, innovation or excellence. The good news is that there's another way of going about this (without breaking the budget) that is increasingly popular in corporate hospitality - personalised ice sculptures.

Ice sculptures for corporate events are really big right now because they offer a very personal and unique means of highlighting the company and the nature of the event - with an appropriate level of gravitas. On important occasions, such as company celebrations or award ceremonies to name just two, having a beautifully crafted ice sculpture displayed prominently and proudly as a centrepiece of attention really does add quality and significance to the event. The key to this is also that those in attendance, regardless of their position within the company, will universally appreciate the sentiment, quality and sophistication of an ice sculpture.

There's plenty of ways where an ice sculpture can slot perfectly into a corporate event. Most commonly and as touched upon already they are used as a focal point not just of the reason for the event and who is putting it on, but also as an expression of company values. People who attend such events can't fail but be impressed to see an intricately crafted ice sculpture proudly bearing a company logo or perhaps the name of the event. Quite simply it makes the event feel more impressive, unique, exclusive and important.

Where to place an ice sculpture is really down to the needs of the event, but most frequently they tend to be used as the central focal point of the room - allowing people to mingle and break the ice (forgive the pun!) - or at the head of a dining buffet. There's also the very popular option of including a drinks luge within the sculpture that allows waiting staff to pour spirits or champagne through the sculpture that is then dispensed ice-chilled into the glass!

When arranging an ice sculpture it's important to bear a couple of factors in mind. Firstly - nobody is going to get dibs on taking it home because it's going to melt! Seriously it's impossible to prevent the sculpture slowly melting over the course of the event, but they're usually good for a few hours unless the temperature is scorching warm. Remember though that this is all part of the show, and that those lucky enough to have been invited to attend the event are witnessing something quite uniquely beautiful gradually disappear in front of their eyes.

Secondly, the cost of these sculptures depends upon the format of the ice, and this is worth being aware of when deciding upon logos to be written into the ice. Frosted ice is cheaper because it requires less precise freezing, as clear ice needs to be carefully monitored and mechanically treated. Whichever option is selected we can write the logo solidly so that even during melting the logo is still fully intact!

Any company looking for an ice sculpture to be the highlight of their function should take a look at the portfolio on offer and the range of major clients who have been delighted in the past. Ice sculptures can be arranged throughout the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba Regions.

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