Corporate Ice Sculptures With A Perfect 'WOW' Factor

Anyone who frequently attends corporate events and functions will know that all too often they can be pretty uninspired occasions. Let's face it - when you attend may be dozens of these every year it takes something genuinely special to make any event memorable. On the other hand, companies that do go that extra yard can reap considerable business and networking advantages by simply standing out from the crowd.

Now, while not every company can stretch the budget far enough to put the Rolling Stones on the stage, an affordable corporate ice sculpture can add a mighty amount to events of any size. Angel Ice Sculptures enjoy tremendous ongoing relationships with our corporate business partners - just check out our gallery to see examples of the dozens of unique pieces we've crafted to order.

Why Use Ice Sculptures For Corporate Events?

In our experience, most of our clients have found that our ice sculptures tend to be used as the centrepiece of their events. As mentioned above, they provide a fantastic 'icebreaker' (forgive the pun!) for people to naturally congregate, be introduced and of course network. All too often corporate events can end up being 'flies on the wall' occasions as people simply don't have an obvious place to congregate. Choosing to have a customized logo ice sculpture means that your company's name is going to be long associated with a productive occasion.

Even though our sculptures are crafted to last for several hours before any serious melting occurs, plenty of clients also like to find a more practical use for them over the course of the event. Our larger models are perfect for displaying chilled buffets and/or a great surface to serve chilled drinks from. If the event happens to be a celebratory occasion we can also provide our very popular iced shot luges! We also specialize in ice chocolate fountains (complete with dipping fruits and candies) - a surprisingly economical way of providing a fun and engaging dessert which are sure to last long in the memory!

Our unique design system allows us to perfectly render your logo and/or additional message into your ice sculpture to perfectly match your requirements. Had a great year of sales? Why not include that percentage gain in your ice sculpture? Celebrating a retirement or fresh senior appointment - include a message of thanks and good luck. All we ask is for around a week's notice to design and build single ice sculptures and up to a fortnight for larger orders (we have to build unique ice moulds for your logo/message).

What Kind Of Ice Sculptures Do We Offer?

Please take a look through our gallery to see some examples of our previous work. Typically speaking we use one of our several foundation designs and then add your logo/message as a unique feature. As the photographs show, our ice sculptors are the best in the business and use perfectly finished shading to stencil in your corporate logo. Should you wish for an entirely unique, one-off special edition just drop us a line and we'll see what we can do for you.

For your convenience, we deliver and install your corporate ice sculpture on the day complete with all the necessary equipment to keep it fresh for the duration of your event. We'll arrange to collect and clear up at an arranged time that suits you and your venue.

At present we operate across the entire Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba regions and can offer an around-the-clock delivery and clear up service. Our existing customers will gladly vouch for the pride, professionalism, and flexibility we take in providing the best and most memorable corporate ice sculptures in the region.

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