Corporate Events.....Why Not Get An Ice Sculpture?

In today’s high tech age, corporations need to dare to be different. Remaining with the status quo will just leave you left behind. You need to design different ways of capturing the attention of both your personnel and your clients. Australia, the land of sea and warmth, is rarely thought of for its ice. This is why an ice sculpture can become a great part of your next corporate event. It has just the ‘wow’ factor that you have been looking for.

Think of the Possibilities

Imagine serving your next buffet and an ice sculpture forms the centrepiece. You can even have an ice sculpture in the form of a luge, acting as a platform from which drinks can be served. The only limitation is your creativity. We have tons of possible ways that ice sculptures can be used at your next corporate event. The people will love your ingenuity, and they will be talking about the event for quite some time after.

Ice Carvers

Our professional ice carver can even arrive on the scene and create a masterpiece for your right there. We are the leading provider of this service in the Brisbane area, and we also branch out into the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Toowoomba regions as well. Just call us and go over the details for your next corporate event, and we can make some recommendations for you. Our experts are standing by to create some truly unique and memorable sculptures for the occasion.

It Is All About the Cause

Perhaps you are throwing a fundraiser for a cause that is dear to your heart. As a corporate sponsor, you will really want to make the event magical. An ice sculpture is sure to do that. Our aim is to provide you with just the right sculptures, strategically placed, that will result in the effect that you are looking for. We will work to bring a smile to the face of everyone who attends the event, and your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Possible Sculptures to Think About

If you want your corporate entity to be highlighted throughout an event, we can custom design an ice sculpture that is in your logo’s image. This will form the centrepiece of the buffet line or can be placed in the lobby as people sign in. The choice is up to you where you place the sculpture, and we will help to make it right for you. Our custom vodka luge can also be fashioned out of your corporate logo, so guests will be mindful of who you are with each and every drink that they receive.

Corporate events do not have to be boring. Be sure to liven yours up a bit. Add some entertainment, gourmet food, and don’t forget the ice sculptures. This will bring just the effect that you need to make a splash with everyone who attends. We look forward to serving you, so contact us today if you are ready to plan your next corporate event.

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