Corporate Events - Ice Sculptures

If your company has a big event coming up and you want to wow your guests, consider teaming up with Angel Ice Sculptures. A beautifully carved logo or other custom design in sparkling-clear ice will stay in your guests’ memories for a long time.

We offer a wide variety of sculpture options to suit every occasion. Ice sculptures can come in all shapes and sizes, from small centrepieces for buffet tables to big pieces that act as the focal point for the entire room.

For a corporate luncheon, a stunning ice sculpture of your company logo on the buffet table helps to keep food items cool as well as displaying the logo in an unforgettable way. Ice bowls, trays and other functional ice sculptures for your buffet are also available. Check our gallery for examples of how you can make your buffet a feast for the eyes too.

Will you be serving alcohol? Our luges are a fun and popular way to present drinks such as ice-cold vodka. The beverage is instantly chilled as it’s poured through the luge. Another eye-catching bar option is a bottle holder ice tower, which, like the luge, can be customized to include your logo or theme. Bars, ice glasses and other ice features are also available for serving drinks.

For a product launch, you may want to bring in other themes besides just your logo. Tell us more about the purpose and theme of your event, and together we can come up with a perfect customized sculpture to get your message across. We can incorporate colour and even photos into the sculpture. The ice can be either crystal-clear for a sparkling sculpture or opaque for a more muted look.

How long will an ice sculpture last? This of course varies according to the location and weather, but in an air-conditioned venue, you can expect a sculpture to last 5 or 6 hours. If you’re concerned that your event will outlast your sculpture, Angel Ice Sculptures can incorporate a solid logo into the carving so that it will still look good when the ice begins to melt. Part of the magic of ice sculptures is the fact that they don’t last forever: your guests will have the sense of being party to a one-time-only opportunity.

For corporate events anywhere in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Toowoomba regions, you can’t go wrong with Angel Ice Sculptures. We can help you create an event that your guests will still be talking about for years to come!

It is not an easy task to make an event that is both memorable and fun. This would mean including features that would cause the program to have a long-lasting effect on your guest. This is both brain tasking and can be disorienting. It is even worse for corporate events as it is easy to turn your visitors off in this type of event. However, with our Ice sculptures, your visitors are not only mesmerized but they are kept in a fun state so that whatever is the reason for bringing them together can be fun-filled, and work-efficient.

Call us today for today, and we would help you create a very memorable event.

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