Angel Ice Sculptures - Ice Sculptures For All Events

Here at Angel Ice Sculptures, we pride ourselves in being able to make ice sculptures perfect for any event. As a family operated business with many years experience serving a wide range of personal and corporate clients, no matter how demanding your requirements maybe - we'll be able to get it just how you'd like it. As the leading ice sculptors in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba regions we like a challenge - and as you'll see from the examples of our previous work, customization is what we're all about!

Reasons Why To Choose An Ice Sculpture For Your Event

Make no mistake, having an ice sculpture will be the absolute centrepiece of your event. They turn heads, get people talking, mingling and in all honesty make attendees feel really rather special. Whether displayed in the middle of the room, by the entrance, upon the canapes serving table or wherever you like - an ice sculpture will be where people congregate, take photographs of each other, and generally hang out and enjoy the vibe.

Putting a logo into an ice sculpture needn't necessarily be corporate. It can be the logo or insignia for whatever occasion, and as we don't use prefabricated moulds with our ice sculptures - they are all hand finished - it really can be anything the organizer chooses. In the past we've presented ice sculptures for a number of multinational companies, as well as local associations and groups too - so no project is either too big or too small for our team!

However, our ice sculptures aren't just limited to being pretty ornaments. We have a range of sculptures that can also serve a pretty useful role for your event too - check out, for example, our range of buffet seafood stations that will help keep the fish nice and fresh, or event our rather glamorous cake stand. Christmas trees are a popular festive choice, and we also have a range of sporting related sculptures ideal for an end of the season awards ceremony for example.

For those who fancy a drink or two, we have an assortment of bar related ice sculptures ranging from bottle holders, ice buckets, and wine racks all the way to full piece bar units (available in various sizes). Indeed one of our most popular ice sculptures is the spectacular 'vodka luge' - a great way to get the party going and once more sure to be a focal point of any event.

When it comes to size, there's nothing to worry about. Whether one of our larger models or a more modest tabletop affair, our team will install the ice sculpture exactly where you want it placed when they arrive. We'll take care of all the lifting and placement, indeed we like to consider this as an essential part of our service. Even in the heat, our ice sculptures will last a good few hours, and we will also supply drip trays so there's no need to worry about an unexpected flood! These are included in our quoted prices, and we'll make sure everything's in order during the installation.

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