Angel Ice Sculptures For Your Wedding

A wedding signifies the grand day which is the beginning of a lifetime of happiness. Wedding couples in Australia want their joy to last forever, and they invite family and friends to be a part of their happiness. Every wedding celebration is uniquely personal and tinged with happy emotions.

Wedding ice sculptures bring a note of high glamour to your wedding celebration. Reminiscent of crystal and diamond, ice sculptures add a touch of elegance to a day that will be remembered forever. They are a one-of-a-kind work of art that makes your wedding truly your own.

Angel Ice Sculptures is the leading provider of handcrafted, ornately detailed ice carvings in many regions of Australia, including Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. We craft our ice carvings with great precision to delight the wedding couple and their guests.

The Symbolism Of Kissing Doves

Many wedding couples choose kissing doves in ice sculpture for their wedding reception. That is because swans mate for life. A kissing swan is symbolic of the love you have for your mate, signifying that your love will go on to last forever.

Angel Ice Sculptures can give you the iconic representation of kissing doves in perfect detail. Provide us with a photograph of the doves you have in mind, or choose from several in our pictorial album. We can tint the sculpture to match your wedding décor or add details such as flowers to make the sculpture more meaningful.

The amazing detail of your kissing swan sculpture will remain frozen in ice for up to six hours, a central piece that your guests will be talking about for a long time after your celebration. The entire structure is delivered on the scene in time for your reception, with underlying drip pans provided for a clean, slow melt.

We can also provide ice sculptures in other classic love symbols, such as entwined hearts.

Customize Your Wedding Ice Sculptures

Your wedding is highly personal to you, a day that you will remember forever, so why not commemorate it in the most individual way?

Wedding ice sculptures can be crafted in just about any design you choose. Ask us to sculpt a three-dimensional representation of any figure that has significance for you as a couple. Examples may be a logo, phrase, or picture that you would like memorialised in ice. Ask us to carve a religious symbol that speaks to you. We can also carve your first names in elegant script.

The detail that can be crafted from a single block of ice is, frankly, astounding. Ask us to do multiple ice carvings that can be set on a presentation table for your guests to enjoy. We can even craft the entire wedding table itself with decorative edging from a single large block of ice.

Many couples choose to place their ice sculpture on a buffet table, where it serves a practical function of helping to keep seafood entrees cold, but it can also be positioned on a cake table or ice bar for effect, anywhere there is a primary focal point. It can also be placed upon its own pedestal. Add soft lighting and music to spotlight the ice panorama.

Live Presentations

For even more wow appeal for your guests, consider staging your wedding with a live carver on the scene. Guests will be struck by an air of mystery as they see the ice carver producing a work of art right in front of their eyes. When the sculptor is finished, photos can be taken with the wedding couple and their guests to commemorate the live event. It's a fantastic way to engage guests in the action of your celebration and introduce a real conversation piece that they will be talking about for a long time to come.

At Angel Ice Sculptures we want to give you the celebration of your dreams. Our wedding ice sculptures can give your wedding a special touch that you are guaranteed to remember forever.

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