Amazing Birthday Ice Sculptures

When you are planning a birthday celebration, you might be looking for ways to make you party memorable. You might want your celebrations to have an edge that makes it stand out against any other event you attend. One option you may not have considered is featuring an ice sculpture. Not only are these stunning and eye-catching, they can also serve a practical purpose at your function. At Angel Ice Sculptures, we specialise in creating and supplying amazing ice sculptures for birthdays and for all types of events.

The Options Available

There is a large choice of designs available for birthday ice sculptures. A popular choice is a design featuring the age of the person celebrating their birthday. Another great choice is one of our photograph frame sculptures to display a photograph of the birthday boy or girl. You can also choose a design from our gallery that reflects the personality or interests of the party host or that fits with the theme of the party. Just some of the many options available include footballs, butterflies, stiletto shoes, fish, an electric guitar or a racing car.

Visually Attractive Features

One of the predominant reasons why people choose our birthday ice carvings is to create a visually stunning feature at their party that will be a talking point amongst their guests. You can choose one of our larger designs for the main table, such as where the buffet is being served, or opt for smaller ice sculptures as centrepiece decorations for each table. If you choose the latter option, there are many designs to choose from, such as facetted vases, ice candle holders or crystal balls, and you can select the option that best suits the theme of your party.

A Unique Way of Serving Drinks

Our ice sculptures can also serve a practical purpose at your birthday event as an unusual way of serving drinks. Our ice punchbowls act as both an interesting way of serving your punch and also of keeping it chilled. You might also choose a luge to serve the drinks from.

Just one example of this is our custom vodka luge. Other alternatives include a luge with a bottle holder in a variety of designs or an ice bucket for presenting celebratory champagne. Each of these is practical yet still holds the wow factor in terms of visual appeal.

Availability of Our Products and Services

These amazing ice sculptures are available for birthday parties and many other types of events in several areas of Australia. They are currently available for celebrations in regions including Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

Ice sculptures by Angel Ice Sculptures will really add the wow factor to any birthday celebration. You will find a fantastic range of designs to choose from and you can use them for both visual effect and practical purposes. They will add a unique element to your event that will be a great topic of conversation amongst your guests and will make your party memorable to all those who attend.

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