Angel Ice Sculptures is a family-owned business dedicated to creating the WOW factor to any event.

A sparkling ice sculpture has always been recognised as the elegant, distinctive finishing touch to any buffet, event wedding or party.

How To Use Ice Sculptures

Whether it's adding beauty as a wedding ice sculpture centrepiece on the bridal table or as the decorative, impacting touch to a seafood buffet, Kissing Swans at your wedding or even an ice vodka luge at your bucks party or new years party the Ice sculptures we create will attract the attention of all who enter the room, making your event classy and unforgettable.

How Did Angel Ice Sculptures Start?

Angel Ice was born from an idea of a man who was looking to get out of the rat race of working for others in the Hospitality industry. David Antonacci worked as a chef at Sunset Blue – a waterfront function centre in Scarborough QLD. He was one of 3 chefs who solely took care of weddings and events at this venue. If the event happened to have a buffet-style dinner, the venue would provide an ice sculpture on the buffet. The seafood would be displayed around the ice carving (usually a seahorse or angelfish).

One day, David was contemplating and praying to God for help on what he should do. He was not enjoying working for others and wanted to start a business of his own. One day while on lunch break, it hit him to sell ice sculptures to others for their events.

He went about looking for how he can do this and through a whole lot of unlikely and miraculous events, he started Angel Ice Sculptures in 2011.

Since then, Angel Ice has provided a wide variety of clientele with amazing ice carvings for all kinds of events.

If you are wanting to have something unique at your wedding or event, contact Dave either through email, our website Contact Us page or phone him on 0426 813 569.

We also provide live ice carving shows
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